How Do I Start a Business AND Be a Mom?

If you watch any of my videos, you’ll find one thing is present almost every time: The sound of my girls in the background.

Sometimes they even pop in for a cameo!

This isn’t unusual and I expect it. Now granted, I do my best to keep them busy but hey, they’re kids. They’re supposed to bounce around and ask questions. So when someone asks me, “How do I start a business and be a Mom?” The answer is simple: Let them merge and be okay with it.

I became an entrepreneur at 23. Almost ten years later I’ve learned a thing or two. With one child on my hip and a laptop on the other, I successfully manage entrepreneurship and motherhood. Here’s a few pointers on how to start a business and be a Mom:

1. Find Your Passion and Purpose

When I think of passion and purpose I think of Proverbs 31:10. “A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it.”

When you read the entire passage you may think it’s about perfection and being a good wife. It’s not. It’s about being a good WOMAN, period. The kind who ‘gets sh*t done’ and still provides for her family.

Too often we compare ourselves to others and decide they wear it better or do business better. But when we do this we question our worth. We destroy ourselves. We ask ourselves, “Why am I not the best?”

Lady, you ARE!

And you are because you allow yourself to be driven by passion and purpose. Money shouldn’t drive you. Status shouldn’t drive you. Passion and purpose should. This is when miracles happen.

I built a business once I didn’t love.

Did it make me money? Yes.
Did it provide for my family? Yes.
Did it make me happy? Not entirely.

I had to wake up to the truth that the only way to be successful was to follow what was within. I now know that my passion is connecting women all over the world to help them succeed in faith, business, and life, all while teaching them to embrace faith over fear.

Find your passion and purpose.
Embrace it, love it, and LIVE IT.

2. Learn how to Multitask Like a Champ

Do you remember my first post where I talked about my Daily Top 5That short but mighty list certainly keeps me on task, but there are times when that list momentarily goes out the window.

Kayden is having a meltdown.
Kenley needs all the attention.
We’re rushing to get out the door to gymnastics or school while I'm on a conference call.
And as we rush, in comes an email from a customer that wants a refund on an item that is 30 days past due.

And my hair is still a hot mess.

But all is not lost. If you can hold one child’s hand while talking to customer service and calm the other so she doesn’t explode all over the kitchen floor, then you are a multitasking champ.

Now take a deep breath.
Rewrite your Daily Top 5.

And then hide in the bathroom for five minutes to send that email and gulp down your coffee.
This is real life!

3. Always Be in “Shift-Mode”

When you look at the world of entrepreneurship, you may see women who appear to have it all together. But I have a secret to tell you ---

Things aren’t always what they seem.
Behind the scenes, there may be chaos.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried something new to control the chaos and it didn’t work.
A new product line.
A new website.
A new business partner.
A new something…

Just because it didn’t work, doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you have to try something different. Expect websites to blow up or meltdowns to happen. But don’t stop because chaos ensued. Instead, make a shift.

That new thing didn’t work? Okay, great. Shift to SOMETHING ELSE.
This process doesn’t fit? No problem. Try SOMETHING ELSE.

 Always be in “shift-mode.” Be prepared to change and learn from your mistakes. Embrace the truth that shifting and growing are part of the process.


4. Be Ready to Make Mistakes

Speaking of mistakes...

Oh Lord, have I made my share of them. I still do.
But you know what? I’m supposed to.
And so are you.

Your mistakes will shape you. They make you who you are and they will continue to make you who you are. Expect that there is no such thing as perfection and soldier on. Your tiny tots are counting on you.

5. Slow Down

    When nature stops the clock, it’s God’s way of telling you to slow down.

    Here’s what I mean:

    When you’re working on something and little things keep popping up that seem to stop you, a Greater Force is gently telling you to stop.

    I was working on inventory one day and things just weren’t aligning. The internet was spotty and I couldn’t find the images I needed to upload. Kayden kept asking me for orange juice and my head was pounding. I could feel the anxiety mounting but I didn’t want to stop.

    Until I suddenly realized what was happening.

    I closed my laptop and sat back.
    I took a deep breath.
    I felt God’s presence and heard Him.

    “Slow down.”

    We don’t always give ourselves permission to stop. But we need to. It’s okay to take time for yourself. Remember that life isn’t just about work. More than anything, it’s about those little faces you have to wipe. They’re counting on you. So slow down and embrace their presence and the presence of God.

    My girls in the 'Zoey Dress' from Oh, Helen Boutique's Emery + Grace Collection. Plus, read the sweet story of how you can help children in Nicaragua with The Humble Soles.

    Managing your life as a Mom and an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. I know. But it is possible. If you are ignited with the Entrepreneurial Spirit, follow it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mom or not. All that matters is that you have passion and purpose and that your WHY is loud and clear.

    Now throw up that top knot and get your sh*t done.

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    Kayla Kay right!! So much goodness in these tiny little tid-bits! Keep rockin’ momma!

    Kayla Kay

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    Love! Love! Love!

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