How to Stay Organized (In an Unorganized World)

When your top knot goes up, you're tripping over the little ones, and throwing dinner on the table from a frozen food box, let me just first say that I hear you. I feel you. And I know you. You feel overwhelmed and unorganized. I’ve been there. Sometimes I still end up there. 

But I’ve figured out how to stay organized in this unorganized, crazy world. We are constantly bombarded with technology, family, and personal issues. All of them are important and all of them need to be treated with care. Juggling these elements can be challenging. So let’s remove the challenge and dig into some things that can help you genuinely stay organized.

Here are some of my favorite tips that I incorporate to stay sane:

1. Create Your Daily Top 5

I can’t live without my planner. Frankly, I can’t live without paper! I am a list builder by nature and one of the lists that is a must is my Daily Top 5. I know some people struggle with keeping lists. If this is you, just start with one, and make it your Daily Top 5.

Every morning I sit down with my planner. I have two little ones but I try to find a space of time in the waking hours where I have as few distractions as possible.

This space of time is where I decide what absolutely needs be done that day. These are the most urgent things that I have to unravel in order for my trifecta of businesses to run smoothly.

Sometimes it’s inventory.
Other times it’s building the Top Knot Tribe.
And sometimes it’s heading to a photo shoot so I can show you the newest styles available on Oh Helen Boutique!

Decide what your Daily Top 5 is and WRITE THEM DOWN. Then commit to executing those tasks before the day is over. The feeling of accomplishment is what makes a successful business go ‘round.

2. Pick One Day to Do Nothing

I know, I know. Sit around and do nothing all day?
Your probably thinking, “Kendra, how on earth am I supposed to do that?

I personally can’t sit still to save my life, so I feel you.

But here’s what I mean: Pick one day where you’re not sitting at your desk. In order for you to function at your very best as a business owner, you need to allow yourself a break. As women, so many of us don’t do that. We don’t allow the art of self care. Give yourself permission right now to take care of yourself.

Go for a bike ride.
Make time for a mani-pedi.
Take a walk in a field of tall grass.
Pick flowers and fill your home with them.
Enjoy a glass of wine.

Find something to do that allows your mind to let go of work. Honestly, this is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

    3. Make Time For the Tots

    I love my kids. I have two + three. (Two of my own and three step-children.) That’s a lot of conversation to dole out over any given day!

    But here’s what happens when I don’t give my littles the time they deserve:
    They become resentful. (Truly. My 6-year-old is the first to tell me.) What’s more, I lose touch with what’s going on in their lives. Their day-to-day is just as important as mine.

    My 4-year-old is still home with me. So if I have to take a minute to create a video to show off the latest fashion, guess who’s helping me? Letting my wee one be a part of what I do gives her a sense of belonging. If you watch her in the video as I talk about the product, she’s whizzing around me to help YOU see the best of it.

    Isn’t that amazing?

    When I’m not working the time I give my tots is even more valuable. Just 30 minutes of solid playtime with them is better than walking past them saying, “Yep, that’s nice.” The things you think you can accomplish for work in that 30 minutes isn’t nearly as valuable as the things you can accomplish with your little ones. Take the time to sit and play. Or sit and talk. Connect with them. They grow quickly.

    4. Take Notes When a Thought Arises

    If you were to see the inside of my car, you might laugh. Some people have clothes or water bottles scattered about. I have sticky notes. 

    Some women use audio notes on their phone to track their thoughts or things to do. Not me. Nope. Sticky notes!

    After I’ve run my errands, dropped my oldest off at school, and made the rounds for the day, I collect my notes and head back home to my laptop where I place them accordingly. This is the process that works for me. Do what works for you!

    I know lots of women use a planner to track their lives. I am so inspired by my own process, that I am working on creating a planner that will minimize stress and maximize workflow. Stay tuned!

    5. Bring in Extra Help

      This is a biggie. 

      I can’t do everything myself. I won’t even pretend to try. As I grow in business, so do my needs. And if I try to do everything on my own  my anxiety kicks up ten notches. And the only thing that gets accomplished? Me in a pool of tears which results in an early bedtime for this chick! So believe me when I tell you,

      I’ve been there. I overworked myself a few years back to the point that it made me physically ill. I developed psoriasis, which really put a damper on things.

      It was also a big wake up call for me. 

      I can either spend my money on recovering my health or spend it on extra help. I choose the latter.

      We have a housekeeper that comes in twice a month. For $95 dollars she is a life saver. The rest of my tribe at home has individual responsibilities that they adhere to, as well. This also alleviates any pressure.

      In business I use the talents of graphic designer, a web designer, a photographer, and a bookkeeper, and a business coach who keeps me on track with my business goal.

      Can you imagine what life would be like if I tried to do this all myself?
      Give yourself the gift of extra help. The few bucks you dole out to save your health and your sanity are absolutely worth it.

        So that’s my micro-list of tips on how to stay organized.

        You’ve probably got some good ones, right?
        What are they? We’re all in this together, so spill!

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        Kendra said:

        Ashley thanks so much! I am excited to get the next “phase” of the Top Knot Tribe rockin’ and rollin’ and if you are on our social platforms or subscribed to our email list, you’ll be the first to know!

        Ashley said:

        I love your post! I feel I’m running around with my head chopped off most days! I’d be interested in your planner when it’s all finished!

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