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Hi!  My name is Tracy Mitchell and I’m the owner and one-woman show of Apothecary Soap Company! I am, by education and experience, a chemist and chemical engineer. I love working on projects, problem-solving, getting my hands dirty (or clean?!) and utilizing chemistry in the best ways possible.  Better living through chemistry, right?? Well, somewhere around 2012, my husband, who’s been a longtime sufferer of eczema and dry skin, was on a work conference with me.   It was fall/winter and we were in the mountains so his eczema was at its peak! We noticed that he felt much more comfortable than usual and narrowed it down to the hotel soap bar he was using.  While they couldn’t tell us the name brand, I deduced it was something herbal like Aveda. We stopped on the way home to get him a whole new skin care line.  And the bar of soap was $20+!  I figured there has to be a better way! Being a woman, I love taking care of my skin but my husband has never been that inclined. 

I researched and researched and started making my first test batches in the home a few months later. Long story short, he hasn’t had eczema again! He came off all creams and medications. And so my passion for soap making was born.  But this was just a hobby! I had kids and a full time job to contend with.  It wasn’t until my surprise third bundle of joy came that I could no longer split the demands of my job and the family and I made the brutal decision to leave my career and manage my family.  But God always provides and I don’t often know His plans. Once old enough, I started back at making soap and the word got out. 

People fell in love and I expanded my line to more natural products, all handcrafted by me in my home.  I’ve tried to build this shop local, shop small business success story on a low budget, high love motto.  I hope you love all of these products as much as we do.  Whether you’re suffering for skin irritations or just looking for a more natural way to care for yourself – without breaking the bank! – I think you’ll benefit for trying out our products. Everything is handmade goodness and we wish that for each of you! Feel free to check out our website for much more!


May 08, 2019 — Kendra Lambert

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