Meet our #Tribebox Sponsor: Gem Beauty Co.
Hi, I’m Kasha, owner of Gem Beauty Co. I live in Proctor, MN with my significant other, Jared, and my two amazing kids (MaKayla, age 9 and Leif, age 4). We have two dogs: Johnny (a lab Chesapeake mix) and Ariel (a collie sheltie).

I grew up in East Central Minnesota and have always been a country gal. I love spending time with my family being outdoors, camping, four wheeling, and target shooting. But on the flip side, I also enjoy things like crafting and being creative with home décor, fashion, makeup, skin care, and design. I love meeting new people and getting to know new people and am completely a social butterfly. I strive off the energy from others.

So, with that, I decided to open Gem Beauty Co. I mainly did it to get the discount. But, it became more than that for me. Seeing the smile on a ladies face after she applies a new lip color or has her make up done, there is such a confidence that just makes me happy. It has also helped me out of some of my comfort zones and has allowed me to make some extra income to pay for simple things in life. Such as groceries, my daughters dance bill, daycare, and so many other things.

Gem Beauty Co just isn't about makeup or lipsense… it's about a community of gals from all types of life who just want to do a little something for themselves.
Contact Kasha at or Gem Beauty Co. on Facebook
July 09, 2018 — Kendra Lambert

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