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Lost and alone in motherhood and my journey. I felt I didn't have much purpose aside from being a stay at home mom and wife. Don't get me wrong, I live an amazing life full of children (3), an incredibly supportive husband and a little funny farm fully equipped with 3 goats, 11 chickens and 2 goofy ducks all on top of the serene bluffs of southeast MN. But something was missing!

Hello, my name is Samantha and I finally found what I lost; myself, my purpose and my identity!

So let's take this back 3 years ago. I started to really get pulled towards the practice of yoga but I knew absolutely nothing about it. One day, after I finally got the courage to go, I rolled out my mat to the unknown. I went in to the studio expecting a good workout but what I left with was much more than that, I left with tears!

Tears if joy, relief and content.

That yoga teachers words and heart had the most beautiful impact on me and I don't think she truly knows how much she changed my life.
From there I became really intrigued with the practice of yoga and meditation. I was and still am no expert but it allows me to escape the noise of everyday life. With yoga and mindful meditation comes the tools I really craved and needed to guide me. I came across mala beads, their benefits & purpose is exactly what I needed to start my adventure into present living.

The next day I ordered my first shipment of beads and spent all day online researching gemstones, threads, gurus, the history of yoga/meditation and tutorials. From there my first mala was made. I was so pulled to the beads because of the benefits including; prayer, oil diffusing and vibrational energies (bonus, they are beautiful).

I noticed I had friends and family becoming interested in the necklaces and bracelets I was making. Slowly I thought how much I could possibly impact another persons journey into self love & content. A few short months later Hilltop Malas & Co. was born! I was hand making a custom designed tool to help guide the lost soul into mindful, present living with prayer.

3 years later I am a full blown business. I have pride, purpose and a positive outlet all while staying home to raise my children!

So, please enjoy your hand made wrist mala by diffusing your favorite essential oil on the single wood bead, count them as you sit in your quiet space, indulge in the high vibrational energies of the gemstone beads, wear it everyday to remind yourself of the intentions you have set and most importantly never loose your identity.

DISCOVER your purpose, CREATE your future & LOVE your journey. Throughout the ups and downs god is good!

Samantha Anacabe
July 05, 2018 — Kendra Lambert

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