Meet our #tribebox Sponsor: Joey Grace Home
As if being a new wife, bonus mom, student and full time interior design professional wasn’t quite enough, I decided to add another job to my resumé. Growing up, my parents were always burning essential oils, incense and candles. So naturally, beautiful, rich scents have always resonated deeply with me. After over five years of researching and overthinking, it was a year ago that I decided to take a leap of faith and start experimenting. From the brand name and logo to the specific scents used, every detail was created with my family in mind when I started this line. In addition to using the best essential oils, a clean burning candle was also important to me so soy wax and cotton wicks were obvious choices in materials. A home that smells good feels welcoming and calming. That’s the feeling I want people who burn my candles to have.

Sadii Byrd
CEO & Founder, Joey G


March 05, 2019 — Kendra Lambert

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