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As a mom of two and aunt to 9 nieces and nephews, I know just how quickly little hands and little mouths can create a mess. Someone’s pants or shirt is sure to catch something sticky, icky, or wet before the day is over. I can walk out the door, dressed in my best, as I head to work or a meeting, and before I know it, I have some kind of mess on my pants. 

After complaining about how “I can’t stay clean for 2 minutes!” nearly every day, the idea of Mommy Wipes hit me. I wanted to create wipes for moms on the move. I understood that moms needed a wipe that could be used while on the go, made with safe ingredients, and formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. Mommy Wipes were created by a mom who knows the struggle of finding safe ingredients that actually get the job done. I totally get it… So, I made sure I created something that was safe for kids of any age. Even moms with young babies can feel at ease while using Mommy Wipes.

Before creating Mommy Wipes, I had plans to start an online children’s clothing store. But, was detoured with the concept of Mommy Wipes. After fighting my fears, I set out to create and develop something for other moms who are just like me. It took nearly 2 years, but Mommy Wipes was born and are now available on Amazon!

My mission for Mommy Wipes, Inc. is to uplift other moms, and remind them that we can continue to live our best lives, conquer our dreams, and be amazing moms at the same time. A dream may be running a business, getting married, or finishing school to move up in your career. Whatever it is, moms can dream at night and make it happen in the morning. It may take us longer to fulfill our dreams, and that’s ok! We can still reach em’!


-Julia Webb

Creator and Founder of Mommy Wipes

January 18, 2019 — Kendra Lambert

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