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My name is Arin and Im orginally from Minot, ND.  I graduated from Minot State University with a BS in Developmental Disabilities and Special Education, and have spent most of my working years supporting adults with Developmental Disabilities. In 2008, after several years of hoping and dreaming, I finally packed up my car and moved to Portland, OR.  There I met my main squeeze Mike, and, after about 2 years together, we decided to get out of the city. We moved to a small town on the Oregon coast where we figured we would live happily ever after. But! Life has a way of throwing obstacles our way, I suppose to keep us on our toes.

Mike had some medical issues that landed him in the hospital. 3 days later he was life flighted to Portland where he remained hospitalized for 6-months. Plans changed. I immediately moved back to Portland and was lucky enough to have a place to stay. I got a 4am shift at Target, which allowed me to spend my days at the hospital with him. It was the scariest time of my life, and there were days we weren't sure if he would make it. But he did! After a lot of rehabilitation he was able to leave the hospital and return home, but needing assistance. So I have become his full time caregiver as he continues to get better. Oh! And we were the luckiest people EVER when we welcomed an awesome little boy we named Guy in September, 2016. We also have the sweetest little pound puppy named Buddy, he's 10 (side note, we really just figured kids were out of the picture after all Mike had been through and me being in my late 30's. I was in the process of adopting a blind shi tzu named Pickles So Pickles didnt work out but we have the most amazing little kid).

During this time, it dawned on me that I was inching closer and closer to 40, and my skin was a HUGE concern. So I bought anything and everything that promised fast results and younger looking skin. In the end my skin only broke out, looked burned, and never appeared any younger. So I thought, maybe I could make my own stuff! And thats where it began. I started with body butters and honey wash, and it grew from there. As my family and friends caught on, they were interested and became my customer base.

Its been so exciting experimenting with all natural ingredients and seeing the RESULTS!! My skin looks and feels better than it has in years, and its such a nice feeling knowing that Im not putting any chemicals or funky stuff on my body. I continue to educate myself on the endless opportunities natural ingredients can offer ALL of us. I absolutely LOVE creating each product and am so absolutely grateful for each and every order. So thank you to you for giving me this opportunity, and to any future customers for trusting me to create these incredible products for you.

January 18, 2019 — Kendra Lambert

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