• What can I expect in the quarterly Tribe Box?
Each quarter we’re featuring hand-picked quality products from women business owners. Everything from accessories, food, paper products, jewelry, soaps/lotions, beauty care items, home decor, makeup, clothing items, etc.
  • There are so many subscription boxes available, what sets yours apart and why is it different?
The uniqueness of our Tribe Box is the actual “tribe” community that comes with being a part of the box. With your box membership comes the opportunity to purchase the Tribe Boxes to help in the growth of other women owned businesses that are sponsors to each quarters sub box.
  • I am so hesitant in signing up for a subscription service because of the recurring payments. How can I be assured that I will know when the next Tribe Box will be billed?
When you sign up for the subscription box service, you will receive an email of the exact dates that the boxes will be shipping out each quarter for that year. For our subscription, charges will occur every 90-days. If you buy just a one-time box, you'll only be charged once. If you buy the Premium Box Plan, you will only be charged once a year.
  • What if I don’t like some of the items in the Tribe Box?
The best part about getting a Tribe Box is the sharing opportunity that comes with it. If something isn’t for you, gifting it to someone else is always an awesome option! Plus, you’re still helping to network & share information about other women owned businesses.
  • What kind of women owned businesses are sponsored in the Tribe Boxes?
Product-based businesses are what we are catering to for each Tribe Box. We do accept service-based businesses but only 5 per quarter. If you'd like to see Sponsor Media Kit, please go to topknottribebox.com and scroll down to the Sponsorships section. 
  • What else is offered along with the Tribe Box?
We are so glad you asked! We have an awesome Facebook group called The Top Knot Tribe by Kendra, INC. that is all about lifting + building women up in life | business. This is an incredible opportunity for networking + finding new women owned businesses that want to take part in sponsoring a Tribe Box! You can go here to join. Just answer a few questions and we’ll get you right in!
  • Are there discounts offered with each Tribe Box?
Yes! If you want to receive a discount on your Tribe Box, you can take 10% off each box by subscribing to a Quarterly Plan or by choosing our Premium Box Plan and saving by purchasing all 4 boxes up front for the year. 
  • Is there tracking information with each Tribe Box?
Yes! Every box is shipped priority mail or UPS so tracking numbers are available.
  • What if my Tribe Box gets lost in the mail?
We ship all of our boxes by priority mail or UPS, so there will always be a tracking number to track each package.
  • What if I can’t afford a Tribe Box one quarter or I change my mind on wanting the subscription service?
With the click of one button, you can unsubscribe from the Tribe Box at any time, and you have the option to skip a box too if its just one quarter you need to skip. Easy peasy!
  • Do you accept returns/exchanges/refunds?
The Top Knot Tribe does not accept returns or exchanges of boxes, box items, add-ons, etc. Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund.